Welcome to Alchemi's cryptic crossword puzzles, also including Chalmie's FT puzzles and Hemical's cricket puzzles. Many of these have been published elsewhere, and those published in The Independent/Independent On Sunday and the Financial Times appear by kind permission of their editors. Many others have not. My aim is to publish puzzles here a year after they were composed if they haven't been published elsewhere, and to republish published puzzles as and when their original publisher's embargo is up.

I've arranged them into groups so that those who can't stand themed puzzles or "advanced" puzzles with rubrics explaining that the clues need more than the usual interpretation can avoid them. Or so that people who like that sort of thing can dive straight in without having to wade through the less adventurous material.

I've filtered out some puzzles which were frankly awful, but otherwise these are presented warts and all. They've all been tested, but I'd have to admit I didn't always follow up on the comments made. In general, the lower the number on the puzzle, the more likely it is that there are clues that will make those who fuss a lot about cryptic grammar wince. I especially don't vouch for the quality of puzzles 1-40, and those from 41 to about 90 will probably still annoy the pernickety; thereafter, I think you have to be quite mean to find much fault.

The only thing which actually matters, though, is whether or not you enjoy them. I'm extraordinarily poor at gauging a puzzle's difficulty, so I've just about given up trying to pitch a puzzle to be easy or tough - but since all of these have been solved previously by someone else, they are all doable at some level. The only point of composing a puzzle is to get it solved - I can only hope that I make the process of doing so worth the solver's time and effort.