Custom puzzles

If you want me to set a puzzle for you, I'm almost certainly open to it. I am often casting around vainly for an idea to get me started on a new puzzle, so your commission is very likely to be a good way to get another grid filled in. I'm going to want money, but how much will at least partly depend on your ability to pay. It's probably going to take me three days to do it, so consider how much you're willing to pay for three days work by any other tradesman.

You can see from the stuff on this site that I'm at least willing to try any reasonable method of handling a theme: I'd obviously want to discuss with you how you'd like yours done, and I'll do my best to accommodate it, but don't ask for rhyming clues or require that all the across clues begin with "Peter" or some such: very few puzzles which attempt to bend the clues into some particular form actually work in my view. (Yes, yes, Araucaria's rhyming couplets for alphabetical jigsaws, blah, blah. But he was Araucaria and I'm not, and neither are most of the others who try it.)

There's a contact form. Bung me a line if you're interested.