Test solver vacancy

I could do with another test solver.

The work is arduous. About every 10 days or so, I send out a batch of three new puzzles in .pdfs. Your job is to solve them and report back, preferably within a week.

What I need is not War and Peace. I need: a) any errors you spot - typos, misenumerations and clues which don't actually work; b) an overall assessment of the puzzle, whether it's so-so, decent, good, or even better (I'm not interested in sycophancy - I'd much rather know that a solver found a puzzle boring before I submit it to an editor), and whether it's easy or difficult - if you want to give a solving time, that's fine, but I'd rather you didn't get into trying to solve it as fast as possible ; c) any individual clues you liked a lot or disliked a lot.

If this sounds like your bag, drop me a line via the "Contact me" section.